Clinical Medical Assistant


Clinical Medical Assistant

The content of this 45-hour course is focused on a perfect combination of theory review and hands-on practical skills candidates require in order to obtain their certification as Nursing Assistants. Upon completion of this review course and after having passed the Board exam, students will be able to work as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in hospitals, extended care nursing facilities, doctor offices, outpatient clinics and private homes.

Candidates will go over a total of 22 essential nursing skills to ensure proper procedures and correct protocol are implemented when caring for patients and residents. Once you complete this course, you will know, among other skills, how to:

  • Bathe an incapacitated or otherwise disabled individual
  • Provide proper oral hygiene for those with natural teeth, partial plates and dentures
  • Shave facial hair safely, without nicks or cuts
  • Make a hospital bed, which must be free from debris and wrinkles to protect the body of the patient or resident
  • Care for patients with diabetes, breathing problems, cognitive impairment, arthritis, etc.
  • Care for a patient with dementia and how to work with family members
  • Understand the legal issues affecting nursing assistants, such as keeping patient information private, carelessness, and failure to provide expected care
  • Monitor vital signs, including temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure
  • Use proper lifting techniques to reduce your risk for back strain, for example, and the basics of hand hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases
  • In the ninth week, candidates will be registered for their Certification exam, which will be given at an authorized testing site.
Total Number of Clock Hours 35
Total Number of Weeks / Months 8 / 2
Credential awarded Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) - NHA

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