Neuro-coaching Professional Certificate and NLP Practitioner IANLP Certificate


Professional Certificate and NLP Practitioner IANLP Certificate

The coaching profession continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Are you ready to become the leader in your niche? Do you expect to transform the lives of your customers? The Certified Professional Neuro-Coach and NLP Practitioner IANLP Certificate Program is a 170/150 hour, six month program designed for those interested in a career in coaching.

A well-trained neuro-coach has guaranteed success and their services will be appreciated and well remunerated. Learn how you can achieve better results in your performance just by making some adjustments that allow you to acquire other skills and strategies.

This program is offered through a partnership between the Mildred Real Consulting Firm and Common Ground for Conservation. It’s certified by the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming - IANLP and Asociación Euroamericana de Profesionales en Ciencias Humanas y Sociales - AEAPro through the Neuro Coaching Academy.

Who can apply?

  • Experienced therapists, coaches, and counselors
  • Individuals who want to establish a new mindfulness-based coaching practice
  • Teachers who want to bring brain-based experiential learning into the classroom
  • Business leaders who want to boost teamwork performance, cooperation, and creativity
  • Healthcare providers who want to rapidly reduce mental, physical, and emotional stress
  • Specialists working with trauma, abuse, PTSD, and interpersonal conflicts
  • Spiritual practitioners who want to integrate contemplative neuroscience into their work

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Total Number of Clock Hours 170
Total Number of Months 6
Credential awarded NLP Practitioner IANLP Certificate & Neuro-coaching Professional Certificate

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