Conversational English Course



The objective of New Professions Technical Institute’s Conversational English Course is to provide students with the much-needed chance to practice speaking and understanding conversational English in a small-group setting with classmates who are at approximately the same level of English proficiency. Our maximum class size for this course is five students, which enables our highly qualified teachers to personalize instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. In our Conversation Course, students have the opportunity to share information about their countries of origin and discuss topics related to personal interests and current events.

Total Number of Clock Hours 12
Total Number of Weeks / Months 4 / 1
Credential awarded Certificate of Completion

Conversation is one of the most important ESL skills you can be equipped with. Communication is, after all, why most of you are learning English. Conversation is the ESL tool that will take your nose out of textbooks and notebooks, allowing you to build English language confidence in a more natural way. Maybe you want to learn English to get promoted at work or get the job of your dreams at a bigger, higher paying company. Possibly, you are interested in perfecting your English simply to be able to communicate better in social situations. Whatever the reason may be, you deserve to give yourself the chance to improve. It all starts with YOU, deciding to make a change in your life.


Our teachers use a theme-based approach to conversation practice, focusing on stories in the news, current events and issues, and a wide variety of other topics of general interest. Classes will focus on improving conversational ability while emphasizing listening comprehension skills, the proper use of English grammar, vocabulary development, common idiom usage, and practice in pronunciation and intonation. Conversation teachers will explore the vast resources of the Internet to engage and instruct students in reading and listening to English, summarizing, and retelling stories, role-playing and presenting information and ideas orally.


Conversational English Course students at NPTI are encouraged to complete all homework assigned by their teachers to enhance progress during this course. Homework may include short assignments in reading, writing, listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary development, as well as preparation for oral communications activities in class.