English for Speakers of other Languages



The ESOL program is designed for speakers of other languages with limited or no English knowledge. The objective of this program is aimed at developing the student’s skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. After completing this program, the students should have achieved the appropriate language competence to communicate in everyday situations, as well as in discussions that require more complex language constructions.

*Authorized under Federal Law to Enroll Nonimmigrant Alien Students (I-20 Visa)

Teaching Methodologies

  1. Face-to-Face
Clock Hours 600
Quarters / Weeks / Months 3/30/7
Credential awarded Diploma
Code Program Clock Hours
ESOL 001 Beginners 200
ESOL 002 Intermediate 200
ESOL 003 Advance 200
Quarter Credit hour conversion:
10 Lecture hours = 1 credit / 20 Lab hours = 1 credit

This is an introductory course designed to assist speaker’s other language then English with the necessary skills to communicate effectively in simple everyday situations. Students will acquire both the basic vocabulary and the grammar structures necessary to achieve this objective.

This is a continuation of ESOL 001, designed to assist speaker’s other language then English in developing their ability to handle a variety of verbal and written communications tasks that may arise in a social as well as professional setting. Students will engage in a more complex grammar structures and vocabulary, and write more effectively in order to better understand the dynamics of the English language.
Prerequisite: ESOL 001

This is a continuation of ESOL 002, designed to assist speakers other language then English in developing their ability in discussing coherent topics of particular interest. Oral communication skills are practiced supporting the exposition of opinions and explanations of a specific subject matter being discussed. The emphasizes is on the four main language skills – understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.
Prerequisite: ESOL 002

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