EKG Certification


EKG Certification Course

Electrocardiogram Technicians are an integral part of any cardiology department. They assist in routine physical exams, as well as screening procedures be¬fore a patient undergoes surgery. To do so, EKG techs use specialized equipment, such as EKG machines, to measure the efficiency of the heart. Depending on their education, they may perform and administer electrocardiograms, exercise electrocardiogram (stress testing), Holter monitoring, and telemetry monitoring tests. Some other job duties may include comforting patients, as well as recording and providing information to the patient’s physician. Clear and accurate diagnostic images are crucial so physicians can make accurate diagnoses.

The future is certainly bright for EKG Technicians, also known as Cardiac Monitor Technician, Cardio-graphic Technician, Rhythm Analysis Technician and Telemetry Monitor Technician. Job opportunities for allied health workers in the cardiology field are projected to grow by 29% in the upcoming years, which does not come as a surprise, as cardiovascular disease is a big health issue and the leading cause of death in the United States. The need for skilled EKG professionals in hospitals, doctor’s practices, clinics, and diagnostic labs has never been greater. And if you add an EKG Certification to your credentials, the odds of obtaining the job of your dreams are clearly in your favor.

Our EKG Certification Course consists of 25 hours of intense training and review of career-specific concepts which will prepare you to achieve this nationally recognized certification granted by The National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

  • EKG Certification exam is offered at our NPTI campus.
  • Test results available within two weeks of taking the exam.
  • Employers can verify EKG Certification on the NHA website.
Total Number of Clock Hours 25
Total Number of Weeks / Months 5 / 1
Credential awarded Certified EKG Technician (CET) - NHA

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