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New Professions Technical Institute, Inc. does not maintain housing accommodations for students. However, the Student Services office may offer referrals for student housing options. The school does not inspect such housing and makes no recommendations regarding its desirability.


New Professions Technical Institute, Inc. operates a job placement assistance office created to assist its students and graduates during their job seeking process. This office and the school faculty members join efforts to help students reach their employment goals. This is achieved by assisting students with the preparation of job-related documents and maintaining information about job offers. The job placement assistance services are always available for the Institute’s graduates. Full cooperation from graduates and prospective graduates is essential; therefore, it is required to improve the chances of finding jobs.

Although the Institute does not guarantee employment upon graduation, the success of this effort is highly important for the Institution. Job placement assistance services are offered at no charge.


Convenient free parking is available at the school for students, faculty and staff. Each student will be provided with a student Parking Sticker to be placed preferably on the rear window of the vehicle. A student can ask for as many Parking Stickers they need per privately owned vehicle. A vehicle in the Student Parking area without a Parking Sticker may be removed from the area from a third-party towing company at the individual’s expense. NPTI is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss, whether it be to a vehicle or personal belongings left inside a vehicle. The Student parking area entrance is located along SW 41st Avenue across from the Best Western Premier Hotel.

Convenient free parking located on 40th Avenue is to be used exclusively by NPTI for faculty, staff and individuals who possess a handicapped parking permit. NPTI is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss, whether it be to a vehicle or personal belongings left inside a vehicle. A security guard is on site in the evenings.

Miami-Dade County Transportation Department offers a Bus Pass program to all active students in the county. To participate in this program and receive a reduced-price bus pass for an entire month, the student must do the following:

a. Report to the Financial Aid department and pay a nominal fee for the bus pass.
b. Payment is to be made 10 – 15 days prior to the end of the month for the next month’s bus pass.
c. The bus passes will be available at the Reception Desk between the last day of the current month and up to five (5) days into the new month or as ordered by the Miami-Dade County Transportation Department.
d. The price of the Bus Pass is set by the Department of Transportation for Miami-Dade County and is subject to change without notice.


The Institute is committed to maintain and advertise a Drug-Free Program and to promote an environment free of drugs inside its premises. Consequently, the Institute provides information about the laws applicable in the event of possession or distribution of illegal drugs, the consequences of abusing alcohol and the appropriate rehabilitation programs in the Miami-Dade County area. Additional information available at


There is no smoking in the New Professions Technical Institute facility. This includes all classrooms, the E-Library, laboratories, hallways, restrooms, entryways and areas used in common by students and employees. If you have to smoke, you can do it outside the building.


It is the policy of New Professions Technical Institute to provide an educational, employment, and business environment free from unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment. Employees, students, or other persons acting on behalf of the organization who engage in sexual harassment shall be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge, expulsion, or termination of contract.

Any member of the academic community, which includes students, faculty, and staff, who believes, perceives, or actually experiences conduct that may constitute sexual harassment, has the right to seek the help at New Professions Technical Institute. Every employee has the responsibility to report such conduct to their immediate supervisor or the Director of Education when it is directed toward students.


In compliance with Federal and State laws, New Professions Technical Institute, Inc. has a grievance policy for students who feel that they are victims of discriminatory practices or sexual harassment. The grievance policy is also intended for students who are dissatisfied with any other academic or administrative aspect of the school activities. To lodge a complaint, the student must complete and submit to the Executive Director a “STUDENT GRIEVANCE FORM.” Immediately after the claim has been received, the Executive Director will initiate the appropriate investigation.

The student(s) that has (have) lodged the claim will be informed about the progress of the investigation within seven (7) days from the day the claim has been received. Once the investigation has been completed, the complainant(s) will be notified about the final determination. If the complainer(s) is (are) not satisfied with the final decision, the complaint may be submitted to the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education at the following address:

Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education 325 W. Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400 Telephone: 1-888-224-6684 / 850-245-3200


Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) 1722 N. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 Telephone: (202) 955-1113

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